Thursday, March 13, 2008


My contract at B.S.S has been extended an extra 4 days which is excellent. I get to do all the Easter stuff with the kids and most importantly I get to be the Easter Bunny next Thursday afternoon YAY! This means I also get paid more for my teaching services and I"m quite settled in at the school now. I've been training this Prep class up and I can see that it is paying off. No longer do I come home with a sore voice and a headache as I can control them now.

I really like that I know each child's needs and I know how to cater for their individual styles of learning and behaviour management. Its nothing like uni makes out as its not something you always plan out on paper, rather its nature and you just go with it. For example

- One little girl must be put in the reading corner after lunch as she gets so tired that she just falls asleep until home time.

- I have a carpet square of one of the little boys to sit on and he also MUST hold my hand when we are walking places.

- I make sure that 3 particular boys never sit together on the carpet, at lunch or in line.

Some problems in the class can simply be solved by chatting and being kind to the children. One little girl in my class used to take FOREVER to eat her lunch but i was positive and got her to chat less and eat more, now we don't have a problem.

Today I implemented some Negotiated Learning for the Easter activities and I think it went really well. The picture shows the planning that we did as a class and I just wanted to share it with all you teachering folk out there!

A final note, if anyone knows something good that I could cook with my class for Easter could you let me know. I wanted to do Hot Cross Buns but they seem a bit tricky!


T'lia said...

I have a really easy recipe for hot cross buns I can give you!! It's really yummy too. :-)

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