Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter with the Preps

Today was alot of fun for me. I organised for my Prep class to do Easter work all day long which was fantastic. To be honest it really made me feel like a kid again, excited about Easter. I read a story to them called 'The Bilbies' First Easter' by Irena Sibely which is a must read. Its not a traditional Easter story however it is a lovely Australian based book with amazing illustrations. The kids really enjoyed it.

In the middle session we made Easter biscuits by putting coloured icing on sugar biscuits with sprinkles... eww but the kids liked them. The only advice I give for this activity is that it MUST be supervised at all times and expect mess.

And as you normally would expect, in the afternoon we had a visit from the Easter Bunny and went looking all through the school for where he might be hiding. I found it weird as I had a few kids in tears because they were scared of the Easter Bunny!


Bekky Nixon said...

Very cute!
However, as a teacher I think you ought to know that "alot" isn't a word! :S

Carmy14 said...

Hmm I must say I'm quite devestated, I like the word 'alot'