Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

Today was Easter Sunday OR as I called it went I was little... Easter Egg Day!!!
I have to say it was the most busy one I think I've ever had despite the fact that we didn't go to AGMF (Easterfest).

I stayed at Rachel's last night which was great. I got a really good nights sleep and I woke up a little confused as to where exactly I was. Quickly figured it out though. We went to church and broke down just before we arrived. That was exciting but to find out more about that you can read Rachel's blog.

Jeff picked me up from Rachel's house and we went back to his house to tidy but as he has visitors coming for the week. When I arrived I found the remains of a 'Boy's Night' from the night before. This meant alot of washing up and general cleaning of the house. Jeff and I set off to work and got the place nice and tidy which book over an hour.

Now our next task was to stock up the house with the food that we would need for the week. For those of you who are married or live alone you will know the nightmare of shopping for food let alone for 4 people. So I sat down and wrote out a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner than transfered this into a shopping list which was VERY long. We are extremely lucky as we are allowed to take any food we live from the kitchen at the Lodge below Jeff's house and it's like a mini supermarket however we still needed more things.

Off to the shops we went and got everything we needed. Jeff is a greater shopper as he can find things much faster than I can. I'd be walking around the shops for hours if I didn't have him with me. We got all the food home and packed it away. We now have a tidy house filled with yummy food. The next task is to make up beds for those coming and do the washing.

At night time we went to some Chinese place for dinner with my family and went back to my relatives for dessert yummm!!!! Its now past 10pm and I'm back at Jeff's house on his computer. He's got an assignment to do tonight so I'm hanging around reading while he works, than home to my cosy bed to sleep. Tomorow I'm going out for brunch with his family yumo!

I shall add pictures when I get home!


Anonymous said...

Just reading this you can tell you're so in love Carmy!

I feel sick

Rachel. said...

I found out later that night that I was soooooooooooo sunburnt! From sitting in the shade no less!

At least we had good chats while we were waiting!