Monday, March 31, 2008


This is just an update on my life at the moment! Things have been quite busy and hectic around here. I never thought that having an extra person in my life would cause me to be SOOOO busy but it really has. It's really great and I've been getting to know Jeff's family a whole lot better. For Easter Monday we went out for breakfast at a lovely placed called 'Cafe Envy'. I LOVE IT and i want to take as many people their as possible, yum yum! And last night I went over to his Mum's place for dinner which was super yummmmyyy!!!!

I haven't been teaching for the last 2 weeks but last week I stayed at Jeff's place with his friend and his girlfriend which meant lots of cooking, cleaning and coming backwards and forwards from home. This week has calmed down alot more as I'm home now and have lots of jobs to get done.

In general life is great but busy! I've been quite sick for the past week with an ear, throat and tooth being infected and very painful. I've also had the flu!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My week

The week isn't over and I feel like I've been living in a different world. I'm writing this blog from Jeff's house above the Lodge. I've been living here all week while he has some friends staying. Its been good and a bit of an experience of what married life is like. Only I am sleeping in Jeff's room and he's sleeping in the lounge room with his friend Josh. I'm also having to feed 4 people rather than two and I go home early each morning.

Each morning Jeff comes in and wakes me up and he says I am such a 'Grumpy Puss' in the mornings. Perhaps that has to do with the fact that he trys to make me smile when I don't even want to talk!!!!!! I've been doing alot of cooking and cleaning while staying here but I don't really mind! We haven't really had any problems with the people down stairs however they are very noisey in the mornings and the water pressure in the shower is non-existent same with the hot water as we share the hotwater system with the lodge.

Tonight we went to the movies and saw 10,000bc. I thought it was alright but not the best thing I've ever seen. Tomorrow night we're going to the spit for chip with lots of people YAY! I'm looking forward too it, plus I love chips. Sorry I still haven't had a chance to put up pictures as our internet at home isn't working and I need to contact up my camera... maybe tomorrow!!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

Today was Easter Sunday OR as I called it went I was little... Easter Egg Day!!!
I have to say it was the most busy one I think I've ever had despite the fact that we didn't go to AGMF (Easterfest).

I stayed at Rachel's last night which was great. I got a really good nights sleep and I woke up a little confused as to where exactly I was. Quickly figured it out though. We went to church and broke down just before we arrived. That was exciting but to find out more about that you can read Rachel's blog.

Jeff picked me up from Rachel's house and we went back to his house to tidy but as he has visitors coming for the week. When I arrived I found the remains of a 'Boy's Night' from the night before. This meant alot of washing up and general cleaning of the house. Jeff and I set off to work and got the place nice and tidy which book over an hour.

Now our next task was to stock up the house with the food that we would need for the week. For those of you who are married or live alone you will know the nightmare of shopping for food let alone for 4 people. So I sat down and wrote out a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner than transfered this into a shopping list which was VERY long. We are extremely lucky as we are allowed to take any food we live from the kitchen at the Lodge below Jeff's house and it's like a mini supermarket however we still needed more things.

Off to the shops we went and got everything we needed. Jeff is a greater shopper as he can find things much faster than I can. I'd be walking around the shops for hours if I didn't have him with me. We got all the food home and packed it away. We now have a tidy house filled with yummy food. The next task is to make up beds for those coming and do the washing.

At night time we went to some Chinese place for dinner with my family and went back to my relatives for dessert yummm!!!! Its now past 10pm and I'm back at Jeff's house on his computer. He's got an assignment to do tonight so I'm hanging around reading while he works, than home to my cosy bed to sleep. Tomorow I'm going out for brunch with his family yumo!

I shall add pictures when I get home!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Our Rights

I read a bible verse tonight that really made me think. You know those ‘deep’ moments when things just click? Here is the verse

Galatians 5:22-23
But the fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith and meekness.

Okay so you’ve read and heard that particular verse lots of times and I bet you are thinking of how you do each of those things but also how you don’t do some of them. Well it really made me stop and think that in general people are far too concerned about ‘their rights’. In some cases we do have rights and we should stand up for them however sometimes I find that people use ‘their rights’ as a way to get their own way. I know that is a little controversial but look at the verse above because I don’t think its suggesting that we think of ourselves as much as we seem to be. The one that really gets me is ‘longsuffering’. Ever had to deal with something that you didn’t enjoy, had to keep your mouth shut even when you wanted to say something or went along with someone’s idea even when you knew it would not work out? These are all ways to show you are longsuffering which goes against the idea of ‘our rights’. Sometimes we have to put aside what is important for ‘us’ and just do whatever it is without compliant.

That’s not to say that if you KNOW that something is not right that you should just sit back and take it. But I think that we need to begin to think about what is really important and what is not. I heard at uni once about an idea to teach children about what is a ‘big deal’ and what is not. You draw a thermometer on the board from zero up to ten. Give students some different scenarios and place them on the board as to where they would sit with importance – 10 being the worst. Sometimes (especially in teaching) I wish that I could use this idea with people so they understand that their complaints are not so bad after all.

I had a parent come in and complain that myself and all of the teacher aids had been spelling her sons name wrong. Fair enough but he had the same name as another boy in the class only spelt differently. For example one person was Rachel and the other was Rachael. If it had been happening all year than maybe it might be a small problem but after me being in the classroom for 1 week I found it a bit much to take.

So next time you feel hard done by and want to ‘plead your case’ sit back and think are you being longsuffering or are you being a ‘whinge bag’. Remember that these qualities above are those which Jesus had and wishes you to develop. And just to be clear, this blog is not having a go at anyone in fact it’s more directed at me because I am a ‘whinge bag’ all the time. Just thought you might like to know my thoughts at the moment.
Have a lovely Easter

Easter with the Preps

Today was alot of fun for me. I organised for my Prep class to do Easter work all day long which was fantastic. To be honest it really made me feel like a kid again, excited about Easter. I read a story to them called 'The Bilbies' First Easter' by Irena Sibely which is a must read. Its not a traditional Easter story however it is a lovely Australian based book with amazing illustrations. The kids really enjoyed it.

In the middle session we made Easter biscuits by putting coloured icing on sugar biscuits with sprinkles... eww but the kids liked them. The only advice I give for this activity is that it MUST be supervised at all times and expect mess.

And as you normally would expect, in the afternoon we had a visit from the Easter Bunny and went looking all through the school for where he might be hiding. I found it weird as I had a few kids in tears because they were scared of the Easter Bunny!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You know you're getting old when...

I don't know if these are the same for other people but they are very true for me. I realised that I'm getting old because of these things.
  • Eating chocolate doesn't get rid of my headaches, it makes them worse
  • I wake up before my alarm clock OR i wake up when I usually do each morning
  • Wearing high heels seems like such an effort
  • I want to watch the news
  • I try to prevent getting sick so I can keep going to work rather than have a sick day
  • I think about the best way to hang my washing so it doesn't need to be ironed
  • Staying out past 10:30pm seems so much more difficult and I just want to go home to bed
  • Buying something means thinking about whether it will be useful or if it will just take up space.
  • Thinking about interest rates, loans and buying houses
  • I cannot eat packets of chips
  • I think about what to make for the lunch the next day while I'm eating lunch
  • I discuss the sugar content in Breakfast cerials
  • Buying cheese is much harder. Is it cheaper to get it grated or in a block

Thats all I can think of at the moment but I'm pretty sure I have more. In other news I finish up at B.S.S tomorrow and I have a new contract still at that school only teaching Yr 2 for 5 days woohoo!!! Hopefully I'll have pictures of the Easter Bunny hunt tomorrow.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


My contract at B.S.S has been extended an extra 4 days which is excellent. I get to do all the Easter stuff with the kids and most importantly I get to be the Easter Bunny next Thursday afternoon YAY! This means I also get paid more for my teaching services and I"m quite settled in at the school now. I've been training this Prep class up and I can see that it is paying off. No longer do I come home with a sore voice and a headache as I can control them now.

I really like that I know each child's needs and I know how to cater for their individual styles of learning and behaviour management. Its nothing like uni makes out as its not something you always plan out on paper, rather its nature and you just go with it. For example

- One little girl must be put in the reading corner after lunch as she gets so tired that she just falls asleep until home time.

- I have a carpet square of one of the little boys to sit on and he also MUST hold my hand when we are walking places.

- I make sure that 3 particular boys never sit together on the carpet, at lunch or in line.

Some problems in the class can simply be solved by chatting and being kind to the children. One little girl in my class used to take FOREVER to eat her lunch but i was positive and got her to chat less and eat more, now we don't have a problem.

Today I implemented some Negotiated Learning for the Easter activities and I think it went really well. The picture shows the planning that we did as a class and I just wanted to share it with all you teachering folk out there!

A final note, if anyone knows something good that I could cook with my class for Easter could you let me know. I wanted to do Hot Cross Buns but they seem a bit tricky!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jeff's Birthday

On the weekend I organised a birthday party for Jeff which was great as I've never been able to do that before. I cooked for ages and made some really yummy potato bakes, salads and a white chocolate mud cake!

Jeff really enjoyed the lunch and we also played some zone 3 which I won in the first game... but not the second :( Lots of lovely people came and I got to spend time with different people that I know and meet knew ones.

Teaching life has been going really well and today I got my first pay ever in the form of a cheque! Tomorrow is my last day of this contract but i'm hoping to get some more work around the area. Working a few days a week has been great, I really like it and alot more than I thought I would. I also got woken this morning by Jeff who had snuck into my house with a bunch of flower for me. So lovely :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I've now been teaching for 3 days at Beerwah and it is going really well. I've settled in well and have learnt quite alot of names. I enjoy the preps as they get to do alot of fun, hands on activities and basicy 'play' all day.

Today we made piklets as their usual teacher has been allowing students to try a different food every week. I'm trying to decide what i will do next week. Either mini pizza's or Hot Corss Buns (this i can find an easy way to make them.)

Tomorrow my students are making name bags, doing some easter activities and having outdoor play. We've also been learning about the letter 'A' and singing songs to do with it. So i'm having quite alot of fun so far :)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

First Job

At 6am this morning I got a phone call from TRACER (supply teacher unit) and to offered a relief job woohoo!!! So I started today and I have got 4 days this week and 4 days next week as well! I'm teaching Prep at Beewah S.S.

My first day was pretty scary but i made it through. I got informed that I had a prac student in my class from CQU (it was their very first day of second year prac) but the other prep teacher offered to take both students until I settle in!

So its pretty exciting and my first ever job. It was so weird knowing that I was going to be paid for doing this. YAY!!!!!!!!!! I'm so very happy.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Lately I have found it really difficult to strike a balance in the area of Family, friends and boyfriend (Jeffo). Its because I am SOOOOO incredibly blessed with a great family, great friends and a great boyfriend. I find myself wanting to see everyone but its impossible to spread myself all at once which can be a little frustrating. Sometimes things double up and I find I have to let someone down to do something else and that is a terrible feeling.

Don't get me wrong, where ever I am at the time I am VERY happy but sometimes I feel like I don't get to spend time with everyone and I really enjoy seeing everyone! I guess this is something that everyone faces at some point. Its very tricky.

I see Jeff everyday not because I have too but because I REALLY want too! We were apart for so long that now we want to see each other in every moment almost YAY! But I just want to say that Jeff is such an understanding, sweet and kind person because now and again he has to give up seeing me to allow me to see someone else OR do something else. The other night I had to go to a youth meting and he really wanted to have dinner with me. He sacrificed this time AND his sleeping time to come over quite late that night to see me. This really made me realise just how lucky I am! And I know that even when I let my friends down that they forgive me because they are so very wonderful.