Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend with Ash

A good friend of Jeff and mine, Ashleigh came up for the weekend. We did heaps of fun stuff including Zone 3, coffee at GJ, driving around the coast and playing cards. That was all just Friday night too!
Saturday morning Jeffo had to work so Ash and I spent a few hours shopping near his work. We had breakfast and coffee later on. I had a hot chocolate that was SUPER yummy. I can see myself having it again!

When Jeff finished at work and Ash and I had looked in every possible shop, we all headed back to my house for lunch. Before taking Ash home we went to visit Jeff's cousin and play with his pets. Very cute but the dog was crazy hehe!!!!

We took ash back home at night time and got a tour of the new house. Its soooo nice! I'd love to have a house like that. Overall it was a great weekend and now I'm quite tired from being soooo busy!!!!

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Rachel. said...

Sounds like lots of fun! Weekends where you can just do a whole heap of fun stuff are alwasy fantastic!

The dog is soooooooo cute! She reminds me of Susie!