Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Well what a lovely day I had! This was my first Valentine's day and Jeff certainly made me feel very loved!!! The day started with my dad waking me up and telling me that Jeff was at the front door. He had a bunch of flowers, a rose, a balloon, a card and a HUGE cuddle for me! WOW!

I had nothing to do all day so I just watched TV and ate food but all day I had only one thing on my mind! Jeff :)

When he arrived at my house after work I had a little suprise for him myself. A little afternoon tea picnic YAY! Unfortunity the ants and rain got the better of us and we had to take it under cover.

Jeff took me out for dinner to a Thai place called Blue Orchid. It was really yummy and I even got give a yellow rose woohoo! A girl can never have enough flowers now can she :P
Our day was finished up back at my house just spending a bit of quality time with one another. Jeff gave me a big cuddly teddy bear as well and I love it! I now have a mummy, daddy and baby bear from him haha! It was such a special day and I was very spoilt! The best part was spending it with Jeff and knowning that love always comes through.


Anonymous said...

Ah Carmen, you guys are sickeningly sweet.

(you beat me to the V-Day post!)

Anonymous said...

eeewwwwww. That is all I have to say! Oh and nice work Jeff