Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tutoring Idea

I need everyones thought, opinions and ideas!!! I CANNOT find a full time job at the moment because of the amount of teachers that are on the coast! I also cannot drive which is pretty annoying and stops me getting jobs anywhere on the coast OR anywhere in queensland. So I have had an idea! Tutoring!

I want to offer tutoring to basicly any primary school students a possibely high school students. My idea involves having a meeting with the student and parent/s to learn a little more about thier child, call their classroom teacher to ask where they need some extra help and try to work alongside the classroom teacher to help the student improve in whatever area that may be. I would also make or provide parents with helpful ideas for their students and resources to do at home. I could have students visit me each afternoon from 3:30 - 6:30 (later if they wish) with a 1hour visit per student. Also I would offer weekend tutoring and school holiday tutoring if they wish. I would charge for each student per hour perhaps $60 I think.

I have had a little seach out their on the web for other ideas like this however have found very few but some which are really good. But i'm wondering Where to go from here. I have an idea but i'm not sure what to do next with it. Should I send out a survey to suncoast schools to find out who is interested? Or should I jump in and put up some advertisments? Please please please give me your input because I really have no idea if their is even a possible idea!!!


Keith said...

Hi Carmy,

It might be worth considering joinging up with a tutoring school if there is one nearby- like Kip McGrath. That way all the hassles of setting fees, advertising, insurance etc is already covered by someone else.

T'lia said...

Luke and I are tutors with Coxley Tutors. They are based down south, and we are some of the only people up here as tutors, so it means that we are basically garanteed to get all the work they get up here. So they're an option.

Otherwise I would seriously consider just signing up with Fruition Tuition. Their number is 5475 4369.

Kip McGrath in buderim is 54455844.

I just looked here for a whole heap of them:

Anonymous said...

carmen we are talking about it now...

Carmy14 said...

Thanks for all your advice. Its been extremly helpful :)