Sunday, February 17, 2008


I have two things on my mind at the moment and neither is very interesting however I'm going to write them down so you can just have a think!

With patients you can basicy achieve anything! You can get over fights, you can fix something that is broken, you can find a place or anything really. Last night at about midnight I was unpacking Jeffrey's things out of boxs and putting htem in the cupboards of his house. I got the computer box and pulled out a HUGE and i mean HUGE tangled up ball of wires. There must've been at least 30 different eclectionic things tangled up together. Phone chargers, speakers, computer leads, printer cables... everything you could ever imagine. So at midnight I pulled out this massive wire ball and dumped it on Jeff's bed! I stared at it and looked at Jeff and said 'I CAN'T do that, I just can't!'. I foldered my arms and sat down. Jeff came over and sat down and said 'Patients'. So we sat there for at least an hour and painfully and slowly untangled this huge ball of wires and put the things he needed in a new box (neatly) and threw away the rest. I learn that even thought this seemed to be a huge and impossible task that with patients and that help of anther person we could solve the problem!

What a Small World
Lately I've discovered that we actually live in a very small world. I can count 5 times in the past few months when I have found out that someone I know knew someone else or that I'd crossed paths with someone I know years and years ago. I'm always Always ALWAYS suprised.

This has happened alot with Jeff lately. I few things I have found out about Jeff is that
- When Jeff was younger he lived at a house with lots of land. His land practically backed on to our land, thats house close we used to live to one another!
- When I was a little girl I LOVED faries (as most young girls do). For 2 friends birthday and one of my birthdays I went to a fary shop which hosted parties for children. Years and years later I find out that Jeff's mum actually owned these shops and that I had at some point met his mum and most likely Jeff and his other sibblings! Weird stuff.
- Just last night, one of the ladies which I went to uni with came into GJ while we were having coffee and looked right at all of us sitting in the corner. I thought that she was going to come over and say hi to us and tell us how she went with her marks. But she walked over the Jeff and started chatting to him. Later on I found out that she is a friend of the familes and has known them for years.

So incredably weird. I really can't believe how small this world really is.


Anonymous said...

Ahaha! Patients! Classic.

I think you meant patience.

Carmy14 said...

Indeed I did mean Patience. Thank you Luke

Anonymous said...

yeah wow
and i used to go to uni with these weird girls... turns out one of them was you@! what a co-incidence! and did you know that when i was little i used to share a room with a guy called caleb! and now we are sharing a room again! what a small world!

-perhaps it's not a small world, but a small sunshine coast

Bekky Nixon said...

Hi Carmy!
Just reading your blog and wanted to tell you that I love it!
Hope you have great day, I RSS'd you so keep posting and I'll keep reading! :D