Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rain Rain

Its been raining so much lately. The reason I say this as the first thing in my blog is that right at this moment I am listening to the rain. Its nice to listen too, very relaxing. (I sound so old!)

Today I went to Mum's school and started teaching a Basic Computer Skills Program. I went up mainly to check out the computer setup but ended up teaching the whole class (4 groups throughout the whole day). It went really really well. It felt so So wonderful to be teaching without someone looking over my shoulder all the time and without having to show planning! I had a pretty busy day as I also did reading with some students but I loved it. In the afternoon I was able to write out a draft for my 8 week program which I think I will add as a new blog soon.

I REALLY want a job at this school. I don't see it could ever happen but all things are possible with God so I'll just pray. Its so small and I know everyone and where everything is and just the system in general. I always feel involved and supported and EVERYONE is kind to one another. I'm going back on Friday to be a Prep helper woohoo!

Even though I really like my life being quite and not so busy, I felt SO good after doing a full day of work. I didn't feel like I HAD to do it but I felt like I'd achieved something and I felt like being more active when I got home. So my outlook on teaching full time is a little better now! I'm also planning to work on my professional kills and do some training in THRASS as I'd like to be able to use it ALOT better!

There is only one bad bit to my day, I don't get to see Jeffrey today as he's been in brisbane for training for his job and has Tafe tonight :( I miss him alot!

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