Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Over the week

WOW i haven't updated in quite some time but i've been super busy doing lots of things. Here is a quick run down of my last few days


Rachel, Kathryn and myself went fish shopping and came home in the middle of a HUGE down pour of rain. The sky was almost black!


I helped out in the Prep room at Mum's school! It was a VERY long day... at least it felt long. I'm enjoying getting out of the house and getting back into the swing of teaching but I am still searching for a job.


I went to Dreamworld for Ash's birthday and we have such a fantastic day. Not only did I get to spend quality time with my lovely friend ash who I just think is AMAZING. But i got to cuddle a Koala! YAY!!!!
The rest of the week has involved me sleeping alot and also teaching at Mum's school again. I've also done alot of cooking and spent heaps of time with Jeff which is THE BEST!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

first thing i thought when i saw your first picture was , wow there's a Porsche! Then, oh yeah, bit of a storm...