Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Handy hints and interesting ideas

  • Have a little breakfast in the morning. This actually helps you to lose weight as it get your body burning fat straight up in the morning rather than at lunch time.

  • Turn your fry pan on a few minutes before you need it but on medium heat rather than high. As you cook you will only need to turn it down more as this will help to prevent burning. (This is a handy hint from my dad)

  • When you are finished with yourr pots and pans, always put water in them so anything cooked to the bottom will get soft and easier to clean later. For tough burns sprinkle on some bicarb soda! Works wonders

  • Bicard is also excellent for zits! Make a paste and put it on the area affected. Once it drys you can wash it off. Repeat and you will see a big difference

  • Be passionate! I know this is something that can be difficult to do but when you are passionate about thing than you will feel happier and happiness is GOOD FOR YOU!!!

  • Listening to music while your getting ready in the morning will usually put you in a pretty good mood for some reason. Especially if its happy music!

  • Post it notes are brilliant!

  • If you have food that needs to be eaten e.g. a cake, than place it in a visable place or in a container that is see through. Its more likely to get eaten that way.

Picture of the Day

At the moment I am very keen on Raspberry spiders. Yum Yum

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T'lia said...

I think already went over this stuff, but I wrote a post about beginning blogging. Enjoy.