Sunday, February 24, 2008

For Women Only. For Men Only

I'd like to recommend two books in this blog. Rachel and I went shopping at Koroong - the christian book shop on Saturday and she convinced me to buy both these books. For Women Only and For Men Only. Both by the same author and obviously one aimed at Women and One for Men. I've decided to read both as I am curious!

For Women Only takes you deep into the inner life of the man and how they think and react to situations. So far I've read two chapters and I am not only intrigued but I am also VERY challenged by what I am reading. Already I have learnt some of the most important things about how men think AND how to best treat them.

I put what I had read to the test and asked several male friends and of course Jeff some of the questions from the book and I was SHOCKED to find out that it was SPOT ON! Already I have been figuring out ways to put these new found things into place in my relationship with Jeff and in general with other male friends.

For Men Only is obviously the other side of the story and looks at the inner life of women and the way that they think and react to things. I haven't read any of this one yet but Rachel has and she is enjoying it! But I must give you one piece of advice if you do decide to purchase and read - be ***WARNED*** you will be challanged by what you read. I wont give anymore away but its a must read.


Rachel. said...

Both of there books are brilliant! It's impossible to cover everything in a book, but these books have pretty much got it!

I would really suggest reading it. It gave me a better understand about the ways that our minds work and why guys and girls just don't get each other sometimes.

Very usefull!

Jordan the great said...

I think it's the same old stereotyping bulldust

and apparently i'm a woman

It's silly