Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bestest Friends!

I decided that I want to write a post now and again about the special people in my life and i want to start with one of the people who has been in my life the longest, Mrs Rachel West! I've known Rachel now for about 13 years in fact I haven't just known her but we have been the bestest of friends for 13yrs!!!!

What can I tell you about this fantastic young woman. She is very clever and always knowns how to spell the tricky words for me! She is incredably easy to talk to about nothing in particular or deeper issues. She doesn't hold grudges against people rather she is loving, kind and has much patiences for everyone and not just her friends. Rachel is just a beautiful person who always looks good, even first thing in the morning! She always has the right things to say and I am constranly rethinking things when we chat because her ideas and thoughts are always right on the ball of the issues!

Rach gives the best advice and some of the biggest decisions in my life have been made through her guidence, patience and love. Together we have been through happiness, tears, fears and many funny moments and I wouldn't trade these for anything!!! For much of my life, Rachel has been my eyes! She has never put me down, only ever cared and stood up for me and I hope that I always do the same for her!

Above all Rachel West is a WONDERFUL, LOVING, PATIENT, GENERIOUS, KIND, FANTASTIC person who I love dearly and NEVER EVER want to lose from my life!!! Not even drift apart. Best Friends are one of the most percious gifts that God has created and I don't know how I could survive without having someone as special as Rachel.

I'm praying for you and Aaron always, for blessing of joy in your lives and family xox Much Love Carmy


Rachel. said...

I love you Best friend! XOXOXOXO!

Peter said...

What a gr8 blog...

nice... your a gr8 friend...

has Rach or Aaron found out who did the balloon and stuff in there house???