Wednesday, February 27, 2008


At the moment I am finding it really difficult to find a job. There are a few reasons for this

  • I want to work on the coast

  • I'm a teacher

  • I can't drive

So being a teacher is definatly possible but at times seems impossible. I'm not actually that worried about find a job at the moment but I would really like to find a way to do something from home. In the pervious post I discussed my idea of tutoring and I still think its a great idea but from making many phone calls I have found out that there are alot of hoops to jump through even just to advertise. So I am still thinking and praying about what to do next. I'm thinking about giving some of those places suggested by Mr Keef and Talia a call and seeing what they have to say. Anyways that just a little update on my thoughts

Picture of the Day

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tutoring Idea

I need everyones thought, opinions and ideas!!! I CANNOT find a full time job at the moment because of the amount of teachers that are on the coast! I also cannot drive which is pretty annoying and stops me getting jobs anywhere on the coast OR anywhere in queensland. So I have had an idea! Tutoring!

I want to offer tutoring to basicly any primary school students a possibely high school students. My idea involves having a meeting with the student and parent/s to learn a little more about thier child, call their classroom teacher to ask where they need some extra help and try to work alongside the classroom teacher to help the student improve in whatever area that may be. I would also make or provide parents with helpful ideas for their students and resources to do at home. I could have students visit me each afternoon from 3:30 - 6:30 (later if they wish) with a 1hour visit per student. Also I would offer weekend tutoring and school holiday tutoring if they wish. I would charge for each student per hour perhaps $60 I think.

I have had a little seach out their on the web for other ideas like this however have found very few but some which are really good. But i'm wondering Where to go from here. I have an idea but i'm not sure what to do next with it. Should I send out a survey to suncoast schools to find out who is interested? Or should I jump in and put up some advertisments? Please please please give me your input because I really have no idea if their is even a possible idea!!!

For Women Only. For Men Only

I'd like to recommend two books in this blog. Rachel and I went shopping at Koroong - the christian book shop on Saturday and she convinced me to buy both these books. For Women Only and For Men Only. Both by the same author and obviously one aimed at Women and One for Men. I've decided to read both as I am curious!

For Women Only takes you deep into the inner life of the man and how they think and react to situations. So far I've read two chapters and I am not only intrigued but I am also VERY challenged by what I am reading. Already I have learnt some of the most important things about how men think AND how to best treat them.

I put what I had read to the test and asked several male friends and of course Jeff some of the questions from the book and I was SHOCKED to find out that it was SPOT ON! Already I have been figuring out ways to put these new found things into place in my relationship with Jeff and in general with other male friends.

For Men Only is obviously the other side of the story and looks at the inner life of women and the way that they think and react to things. I haven't read any of this one yet but Rachel has and she is enjoying it! But I must give you one piece of advice if you do decide to purchase and read - be ***WARNED*** you will be challanged by what you read. I wont give anymore away but its a must read.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


I have two things on my mind at the moment and neither is very interesting however I'm going to write them down so you can just have a think!

With patients you can basicy achieve anything! You can get over fights, you can fix something that is broken, you can find a place or anything really. Last night at about midnight I was unpacking Jeffrey's things out of boxs and putting htem in the cupboards of his house. I got the computer box and pulled out a HUGE and i mean HUGE tangled up ball of wires. There must've been at least 30 different eclectionic things tangled up together. Phone chargers, speakers, computer leads, printer cables... everything you could ever imagine. So at midnight I pulled out this massive wire ball and dumped it on Jeff's bed! I stared at it and looked at Jeff and said 'I CAN'T do that, I just can't!'. I foldered my arms and sat down. Jeff came over and sat down and said 'Patients'. So we sat there for at least an hour and painfully and slowly untangled this huge ball of wires and put the things he needed in a new box (neatly) and threw away the rest. I learn that even thought this seemed to be a huge and impossible task that with patients and that help of anther person we could solve the problem!

What a Small World
Lately I've discovered that we actually live in a very small world. I can count 5 times in the past few months when I have found out that someone I know knew someone else or that I'd crossed paths with someone I know years and years ago. I'm always Always ALWAYS suprised.

This has happened alot with Jeff lately. I few things I have found out about Jeff is that
- When Jeff was younger he lived at a house with lots of land. His land practically backed on to our land, thats house close we used to live to one another!
- When I was a little girl I LOVED faries (as most young girls do). For 2 friends birthday and one of my birthdays I went to a fary shop which hosted parties for children. Years and years later I find out that Jeff's mum actually owned these shops and that I had at some point met his mum and most likely Jeff and his other sibblings! Weird stuff.
- Just last night, one of the ladies which I went to uni with came into GJ while we were having coffee and looked right at all of us sitting in the corner. I thought that she was going to come over and say hi to us and tell us how she went with her marks. But she walked over the Jeff and started chatting to him. Later on I found out that she is a friend of the familes and has known them for years.

So incredably weird. I really can't believe how small this world really is.

Weekend with Ash

A good friend of Jeff and mine, Ashleigh came up for the weekend. We did heaps of fun stuff including Zone 3, coffee at GJ, driving around the coast and playing cards. That was all just Friday night too!
Saturday morning Jeffo had to work so Ash and I spent a few hours shopping near his work. We had breakfast and coffee later on. I had a hot chocolate that was SUPER yummy. I can see myself having it again!

When Jeff finished at work and Ash and I had looked in every possible shop, we all headed back to my house for lunch. Before taking Ash home we went to visit Jeff's cousin and play with his pets. Very cute but the dog was crazy hehe!!!!

We took ash back home at night time and got a tour of the new house. Its soooo nice! I'd love to have a house like that. Overall it was a great weekend and now I'm quite tired from being soooo busy!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Well what a lovely day I had! This was my first Valentine's day and Jeff certainly made me feel very loved!!! The day started with my dad waking me up and telling me that Jeff was at the front door. He had a bunch of flowers, a rose, a balloon, a card and a HUGE cuddle for me! WOW!

I had nothing to do all day so I just watched TV and ate food but all day I had only one thing on my mind! Jeff :)

When he arrived at my house after work I had a little suprise for him myself. A little afternoon tea picnic YAY! Unfortunity the ants and rain got the better of us and we had to take it under cover.

Jeff took me out for dinner to a Thai place called Blue Orchid. It was really yummy and I even got give a yellow rose woohoo! A girl can never have enough flowers now can she :P
Our day was finished up back at my house just spending a bit of quality time with one another. Jeff gave me a big cuddly teddy bear as well and I love it! I now have a mummy, daddy and baby bear from him haha! It was such a special day and I was very spoilt! The best part was spending it with Jeff and knowning that love always comes through.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bestest Friends!

I decided that I want to write a post now and again about the special people in my life and i want to start with one of the people who has been in my life the longest, Mrs Rachel West! I've known Rachel now for about 13 years in fact I haven't just known her but we have been the bestest of friends for 13yrs!!!!

What can I tell you about this fantastic young woman. She is very clever and always knowns how to spell the tricky words for me! She is incredably easy to talk to about nothing in particular or deeper issues. She doesn't hold grudges against people rather she is loving, kind and has much patiences for everyone and not just her friends. Rachel is just a beautiful person who always looks good, even first thing in the morning! She always has the right things to say and I am constranly rethinking things when we chat because her ideas and thoughts are always right on the ball of the issues!

Rach gives the best advice and some of the biggest decisions in my life have been made through her guidence, patience and love. Together we have been through happiness, tears, fears and many funny moments and I wouldn't trade these for anything!!! For much of my life, Rachel has been my eyes! She has never put me down, only ever cared and stood up for me and I hope that I always do the same for her!

Above all Rachel West is a WONDERFUL, LOVING, PATIENT, GENERIOUS, KIND, FANTASTIC person who I love dearly and NEVER EVER want to lose from my life!!! Not even drift apart. Best Friends are one of the most percious gifts that God has created and I don't know how I could survive without having someone as special as Rachel.

I'm praying for you and Aaron always, for blessing of joy in your lives and family xox Much Love Carmy


When I know that Jeff is coming over, I get really excited because I know that the first hug when I see him is just the most welcoming, safe and fantastic feeling ever! No words need to be spoken because a hug says it all. 'Hello, I love you, I will always be here for you'. Hugs makes everything better.

That last hug of the day is the worst. Having to let go and walk away from one another is the worst feeling and time! But that look that you give each other is the most important part. It says 'I don't want to leave you but I have to go home now'.

Hugs are the Best!

Over the week

WOW i haven't updated in quite some time but i've been super busy doing lots of things. Here is a quick run down of my last few days


Rachel, Kathryn and myself went fish shopping and came home in the middle of a HUGE down pour of rain. The sky was almost black!


I helped out in the Prep room at Mum's school! It was a VERY long day... at least it felt long. I'm enjoying getting out of the house and getting back into the swing of teaching but I am still searching for a job.


I went to Dreamworld for Ash's birthday and we have such a fantastic day. Not only did I get to spend quality time with my lovely friend ash who I just think is AMAZING. But i got to cuddle a Koala! YAY!!!!
The rest of the week has involved me sleeping alot and also teaching at Mum's school again. I've also done alot of cooking and spent heaps of time with Jeff which is THE BEST!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Handy hints and interesting ideas

  • Have a little breakfast in the morning. This actually helps you to lose weight as it get your body burning fat straight up in the morning rather than at lunch time.

  • Turn your fry pan on a few minutes before you need it but on medium heat rather than high. As you cook you will only need to turn it down more as this will help to prevent burning. (This is a handy hint from my dad)

  • When you are finished with yourr pots and pans, always put water in them so anything cooked to the bottom will get soft and easier to clean later. For tough burns sprinkle on some bicarb soda! Works wonders

  • Bicard is also excellent for zits! Make a paste and put it on the area affected. Once it drys you can wash it off. Repeat and you will see a big difference

  • Be passionate! I know this is something that can be difficult to do but when you are passionate about thing than you will feel happier and happiness is GOOD FOR YOU!!!

  • Listening to music while your getting ready in the morning will usually put you in a pretty good mood for some reason. Especially if its happy music!

  • Post it notes are brilliant!

  • If you have food that needs to be eaten e.g. a cake, than place it in a visable place or in a container that is see through. Its more likely to get eaten that way.

Picture of the Day

At the moment I am very keen on Raspberry spiders. Yum Yum

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rain Rain

Its been raining so much lately. The reason I say this as the first thing in my blog is that right at this moment I am listening to the rain. Its nice to listen too, very relaxing. (I sound so old!)

Today I went to Mum's school and started teaching a Basic Computer Skills Program. I went up mainly to check out the computer setup but ended up teaching the whole class (4 groups throughout the whole day). It went really really well. It felt so So wonderful to be teaching without someone looking over my shoulder all the time and without having to show planning! I had a pretty busy day as I also did reading with some students but I loved it. In the afternoon I was able to write out a draft for my 8 week program which I think I will add as a new blog soon.

I REALLY want a job at this school. I don't see it could ever happen but all things are possible with God so I'll just pray. Its so small and I know everyone and where everything is and just the system in general. I always feel involved and supported and EVERYONE is kind to one another. I'm going back on Friday to be a Prep helper woohoo!

Even though I really like my life being quite and not so busy, I felt SO good after doing a full day of work. I didn't feel like I HAD to do it but I felt like I'd achieved something and I felt like being more active when I got home. So my outlook on teaching full time is a little better now! I'm also planning to work on my professional kills and do some training in THRASS as I'd like to be able to use it ALOT better!

There is only one bad bit to my day, I don't get to see Jeffrey today as he's been in brisbane for training for his job and has Tafe tonight :( I miss him alot!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Talia and Luke

I've been a bit slack in my blogging about this but Talia and Luke have also written something else well so check them all out.

So Jeff suggested that it would be good for us to go out with my friends in smaller group so we could enjoy being a couple but also so he could get to know my friends a little better. So we arranged to go out with Talia and Luke to Wok on the Wild Side for dinner! It was yummy and we also went for a walk along near the beach and had yumm dessert back at their house which was great. Talia and I got to spend some time together having a girlie chat and she taught me some blogging tips and the boys played with the computer at the dinner table.

It really was a great night and I learnt heaps more about Talia and Luke and from their blogging I can see that they learnt alot about myself and Jeff as well. Small groups are really nice, big ones are nice as well but being together is the best thing.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

It's All About You

I found this on Megan's myspace blogs and since she did it for me I'm going to put it up so I can do it for her and others.

The idea is that you comment me and I will write back in the comments my answers about you. I think its really interesting and a bit of fun.

1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you which song or movie you remind me of.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something I've always wondered about you.

So comments away!!!!!
Ps: Check out my tagging skills Talia :)

Friday, February 1, 2008

More Love

My house is filled with the most AMAZING smell at the moment. I'm just so very lucky! My gorgeous bunch of flowers died from the heat and I got given a new bunch from my fantastic Jeff!!! For all those guys reading... girls LOVE flowers. I know they die and all that but they just go weak at the knees for a beautiful bunch of flowers! These ones are even my faviourites