Monday, January 28, 2008


This is a great topic! I HATE washing, its so boring and takes up heaps of time but doesn't everyone. I thought I'd write a few tips which I use to help me cope with the evilness of clothes washing!

Tip 1: Its IMPOSSIBLE to just do one load of washing when you have clothes, sheets, towels, tea towels etc. But if you can manage it, save up all the washing for one day. I try to wash on a Friday night or Saturday morning so I'm ready for the week ahead.

Tip 2: NEVER and i mean NEVER wash your towels and clothes together or you will be picking fluff off your clothes for weeks, especially the black ones. (I learnt that one the hard way)

Tip 3: Hand washing your clothes is really really good on your clothes but is a time waster. If your me and can't be bothered than just throw them all in the washing machine and let it do its magic!

Tip 4: Items of clothes which stain easily or have stains on them e.g. underwear, whites, kitchen items should be put in a bucket with some nappy sand. Leave them for a while than rinse the clothes off and put in the washing machine.

Tip 5: If you do hand wash any clothes (things like above) you should put them in the washing machine on the spin cycle before hanging up. If you turn off the water to your washing machine they will just spin, they don't need to get washed again!

Tip 6: Girls, if you don't want your tops to stretch on the washing line than hand them from the bottom with the arm parts towards the ground.

Tip 7: Not EVERYTHING has to be ironed but if you like your clothes to be softer than just run the iron over them while its warm.

Tip 8: If you have space than get a clothes line that can be strung up undercover. You will never have to worry about your clothes getting wet again and can hang them up any time you feel like it e.g in the night time.

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