Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Night time adventures

Tonight rather than sitting at home eating dinner or watching movies, Jeff and I ventured up to a gorgeous lookout and look some night time shots with my families SLR camera. We even look the tripod and really got into it. Unfortunately our attempt wasn't that successful and I really feel that only 2 pictures came out really well. One of buildings over water and one of myself and Jeffrey. To see the buildings photo than head to my photography page as is below in my previous blog.

Overall we had a really fun night and plan on going out maybe at sunrise OR sunset sometime to get more awsome shots. And I'm also glad that we got out of the house to do something which DIDN'T cost money haha! I wont mention my need to have coffee and a cheeseburger though :P

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T'lia said...

That sounds like so much fun!! You should let me know the next time that you two go out and do something like that. I'd love to tag along!!