Monday, January 28, 2008


I just LOVE Montville. Its such a pretty little place, untouched by commercialism, new building and just everything else the sunshine coast has. Its a lovely place and always feels so calming and relaxing. I could walk in and out of the shops up there all day and buy lots of nice bits and pieces. Jeff isn't a big fan of it though as he's not much of a window shopping (I guess it is a little pointless) but he was patient and agreed that we could have lunch their after church on Sunday. We went to the Poets Cafe and has such nice food and it was super fast. Within 5 MINUTES of ordering they had bought out all our food WOW!!!!!

Afterwards we went for a little walk and got some fudge from the Homemade Fudge shop YUM YUM! If it had been a cooler day we may have looked around a bit more but it was stinking hot and we just wanted to go home and walk movies. We also went to a really lovely, tiny church in the mroning. I felt so welcomed and would love to go back again.
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