Saturday, January 12, 2008

Into the Kitchen

Lately I've been practicing my cooking skills and have discovered that I can actually cook heaps of different things. How clever of me! So far I have masted:

Coconut ice
Chocolate Fudge
Baked/Seasoned Veggies
Sponge Cake
Salad dressings
Pasta Sauces
Chocolate Mousse
I can cook lots of other things but these are all things i've tried in the last few months and have been very pleased about. I'm sure this isn't a big achievement for most but I was very happy!

Photo/s of the Day
Some of my cooking so far!


Phil said...

And don't forget Carmen Hint #1, presented here in the original quote from which it was born:
"Oh, I don't have some of these ingredients. Oh well, I'll just leave them out."

T'lia said...

Yay for Carmen! You are TOTALLY a master of the kitchen. It is me belief that EVERYONE is, they just might not realise it yet. So kudos for realising that you are what you want to be!!