Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm Very Blessed

Love is such a wonderful thing. The other day Jeff and I had quite a large 'discussion' about something. We needed to sort things out and we were both hurting over it. We talked about what was upsetting us and how to fix it. After it was all over and we were driving again the car was silent and I was quite upset that perhaps things weren't going to get better. We stopped at the IGA and Jeff left me in the car... I thought maybe he wanted to get away from me.
And this is what he returned to the car with...

I was really blown away. It wasn't the flowers that made me smile but the thought of it. He knew i was upset and he knew he had to make it up to me. Plus he knows I LOVED flowers. I realised that I am SOOO blessed. There aren't many boyfriends/husbands that would do such a lovely thing. Thanks Jeff Your the best and I Love You

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