Sunday, January 13, 2008

God Time

Are you someone who spends lots of time with God? Do you put aside some time each day to let the creator of the universe speak to your heart and minister to your soul? Do you think its important to do this? I think its very important!

When I first became a christian I had a bible and now and again i'd have a look through it however I never put aside for God and I very rarely spent alot of time in prayer. As I grew in Christ, went to church and shared with my friends I found out that time with God was SO incredibly important. How can God possibly use you if you wont let him speak to you or you wont listen? So I started to up time aside each day. Its not always easy to set aside everything else in your life and just sit with God and 'have a chat' or read your bible but you will certainly reap a wonderful blessing if you do.

I just wanted to share a few different ways which I've spend my quiet time with God over the past few years. I like to have a change each year... it keeps me on my toes and stops me from getting into a routine of laziness!

2005 - Read a little of my bible now again but not very full on ... started a prayer journal which I write in when I feel the need

2006 - Set the goal to read my bible in a year, which I did. A little reading each night got me there.

2007 - I read a daily devotional book of 1 minute devotions each day plus I read my bible where God would guide me

2008 - I write down a prayer for a different person and spend good quality time in prayer with God each day. For each week I have a scripture to learn and memorise and at the end of the week I write down one thing which I have learnt during the week. I also continue to read my bible where God takes me.

Maybe you have a different way of spending time with God and I would love you to share what it is as well :) And Praise the Lord that we have the freedom to do all of this!

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