Saturday, January 26, 2008


Tonight I was taken on a really lovely date by Jeff. We went to a place called Trader Dukes to watch his brother Brett and his fiance Kate performin. They did such a wonderful job and got lots of people out of their seats to dance!! The food was yummy and the place was pretty nice as well. What really blew me away was the way I got treated tonight. Jeff bought me dinner, held my hand, got me drinks and was just overally such a gentleman. I was completely spoiled AND even got dessert... Yum Yum. Scones and coffee at Gloria Jeans!!!!!! We listened to Chris Tomlin and went back to Jeff's brothers house and watched a Robbie William 'Swing' DVD which was pretty good as well. What a great night! I feel so wonderful and very blessed.

I've also started making lots of lists. These are things which I need for my future house. I have lots of stuff but I've been looking around my house looking lists of things i need. These are my headings:

- Kitchen Utensils

- First Aid

- Disposable Kitchen things

- Manchester

- Furniture

- Cleaning/Housekeeping

- Appliances

- Odds and Bobs

- Cleaning Products

- Craft

I'm sure there is more stuff I will need but for now thats what I've got. I have a whole book so I'm sure more things will come up!

Picture of the Day
I took this while I was in Harvey Bay from my bedroom balcony. Its 5am and the sun is rising

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T'lia said...

That is so beautiful Carmen!! Flowers are the BEST!!!