Saturday, January 12, 2008

Carmy The Teacher!

Over the past few weeks (I know it shouldn't have taken me that long but I'm pretty lazy), I have been putting together a box of Relief Teaching resources which will cover Prep - Year 7. For those of you who have on idea about the life of a relief teacher you will laugh as it totally doesn't suit my sleeping patterns!!!!!
Relief teachers are called at about 6am if they are needed and give the school and grade (if there lucky) of the class they will be teaching for the day. Now can you imagine me at 6am trying to answer the phone let alone organising school work for a whole day, having a shower, getting dressed, having breakfast and making lunch for that day? No I didn't think so! So i have designed a box full of different things for the day. Let me take you on a tour of this box because I think its great!!!!

This is my box of goodies... doesn't look too exciting other than Pooh Bear on the front!

This is the main folder! It contains literacy, maths and general activities for students during the day. It is broken up into Prep-2, Yr 3-5 and Yr 6-7. It has activities sheets and also instrustions for games such as Around the World.

I found it really difficult to add some of the activities to the folder as they overlapped year levels so I have a few extra folders which I felt would be useful to me during the day to all year levels. On the left is the HPE folder which has lots of different games, the middle folder has different challanges which you can give students as a whole class or in small groups and the folder on the right has lots of different problem solving questions which again can be done as a class or small groups.

This is the best part!!!!!!!

To help with behaviour in the classroom while I am there I have two different systems in place. This one is ONLY for the older students - Year 3/4 and up. On the right is a container of tickets and when students are good or finish work on time they can be given a ticket to write their name on. They put it in the red box and during the day this process will be repeated with those that deserve the reward. 5 minutes before home time I will draw out 4 tickets (maybe more if they have been good) and those students can pick a prize from my 'Prize Box' on the left!!!

Its best not to do this with younger children as they find it difficult to understand that they maybe not get a prize even though they have been good.

This is for the younger children! I have collected heaps of cool, colourful, textured, glittery and whatever else stickers for the young children to choose from! Most Prep - 2s will do anything for a sticker :)

Finally my box also has a few different games which students can gain as a 'Fast Prize' if they show fantastic behaviour during a session or activity. They could be used for lots of different things in the classroom and are just a good back up activity incase.

My box also has coloured and lead pencils (there is nothing worse than a lesson being held up causd a child doesnt have a pencil and you don't know where the spare ones are kept) and I have some spare white and coloured paper!

As a side note I just wanted to put up all the hard work i have been doing. I have organised my teaching resources very nicely and am very happy with it! Check it out! The coloured boxs have different craft items in them! I have some work to do on the other half of the room though :P

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T'lia said...

How inspirational Carms!!! We should market these packs of yours and sell them. Easy case of photocopy and file. (bar the games and prize boxes, but we can write down those ideas and put them in a book of 'tips and tricks'. Let me know if you're keen.

How much would you charge, I am totally wanting all that stuff!!