Monday, January 21, 2008

10 Interesting facts about me

I actually found this on my friend Megan's myspace page and found it VERY interesting. So here it goes - 10 Interesting Facts which you don't know about me.

1. When I was younger my brother couldn't say my name so he used to call me Dicky. I don't know why! My dad also used to call me Dickytap and Dickybird. Who knows!!!

2. When I was about 3 months old I was given my first pair of very thick glasses however it wasn't any good for a little baby so they took away the glasses and I had contact lenses.

3. When I was little I LOVED the colour pink however from the age of 6 or so I started to hate the colour and really liked blue. Now I LOVE pink again.

4. When I listen to music I love to spin around on my chair really fast and day dream. Its like going to another world and is alot of fun. It annoys my mum though!

5. Whenever Jeff goes home, I stand at the front door til he gets down the driveway just because I don't want to be far away from him yet.

6. When I meet new people I never know what to say. I just can't be bothered to think of things to say to them so normally I just smile and nod if they ask me something. I must really seem unfriendly.

7. I love giving more than getting things. I mean I really enjoy getting presents but I love thinking about ways to suprise people with something special. I don't like giving unthoughtful gifts, they have to mean something.

8. I really want to buy a house/appartment/unit (whatever I can afford to pay off) in the next few years so that I can rent it out and live in it when I get married someday.

9. I'm Obsessive about my showers. I have to do everything in the right order or I almost have to have a second shower. I cannot STAND feeling dirty at all. I MUST have a shower before I can change into clothes.

10. I feel incredably guilty if I miss reading my bible or talking to God at night time. I have to catch up the next day.

Photo of the Day
This was taken in 2005 of me with Jeff's little kitty Black Knight. She's sooo cute!

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T'lia said...

Hey Carms! That was so interesting!!

A little blogging tip is to tag people at the end of your post, say 3 or 4 people and that means that they have to do what you've just done!

Just write their name, and link to their blog, so they know that you're asking them to do it!