Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Night time adventures

Tonight rather than sitting at home eating dinner or watching movies, Jeff and I ventured up to a gorgeous lookout and look some night time shots with my families SLR camera. We even look the tripod and really got into it. Unfortunately our attempt wasn't that successful and I really feel that only 2 pictures came out really well. One of buildings over water and one of myself and Jeffrey. To see the buildings photo than head to my photography page as is below in my previous blog.

Overall we had a really fun night and plan on going out maybe at sunrise OR sunset sometime to get more awsome shots. And I'm also glad that we got out of the house to do something which DIDN'T cost money haha! I wont mention my need to have coffee and a cheeseburger though :P

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Today I joined up with a new website where i can put up photos which I've taken! I love it as everyone can look and comment on my photographs.
Miss Kathryn lead me to this site so if you want to view her AWSOME photos

Photo of the Day
It was raining like crazy so I took a picture a picture of it over our dam.

Monday, January 28, 2008


This is a great topic! I HATE washing, its so boring and takes up heaps of time but doesn't everyone. I thought I'd write a few tips which I use to help me cope with the evilness of clothes washing!

Tip 1: Its IMPOSSIBLE to just do one load of washing when you have clothes, sheets, towels, tea towels etc. But if you can manage it, save up all the washing for one day. I try to wash on a Friday night or Saturday morning so I'm ready for the week ahead.

Tip 2: NEVER and i mean NEVER wash your towels and clothes together or you will be picking fluff off your clothes for weeks, especially the black ones. (I learnt that one the hard way)

Tip 3: Hand washing your clothes is really really good on your clothes but is a time waster. If your me and can't be bothered than just throw them all in the washing machine and let it do its magic!

Tip 4: Items of clothes which stain easily or have stains on them e.g. underwear, whites, kitchen items should be put in a bucket with some nappy sand. Leave them for a while than rinse the clothes off and put in the washing machine.

Tip 5: If you do hand wash any clothes (things like above) you should put them in the washing machine on the spin cycle before hanging up. If you turn off the water to your washing machine they will just spin, they don't need to get washed again!

Tip 6: Girls, if you don't want your tops to stretch on the washing line than hand them from the bottom with the arm parts towards the ground.

Tip 7: Not EVERYTHING has to be ironed but if you like your clothes to be softer than just run the iron over them while its warm.

Tip 8: If you have space than get a clothes line that can be strung up undercover. You will never have to worry about your clothes getting wet again and can hang them up any time you feel like it e.g in the night time.


I just LOVE Montville. Its such a pretty little place, untouched by commercialism, new building and just everything else the sunshine coast has. Its a lovely place and always feels so calming and relaxing. I could walk in and out of the shops up there all day and buy lots of nice bits and pieces. Jeff isn't a big fan of it though as he's not much of a window shopping (I guess it is a little pointless) but he was patient and agreed that we could have lunch their after church on Sunday. We went to the Poets Cafe and has such nice food and it was super fast. Within 5 MINUTES of ordering they had bought out all our food WOW!!!!!

Afterwards we went for a little walk and got some fudge from the Homemade Fudge shop YUM YUM! If it had been a cooler day we may have looked around a bit more but it was stinking hot and we just wanted to go home and walk movies. We also went to a really lovely, tiny church in the mroning. I felt so welcomed and would love to go back again.
Picture of the Day

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Tonight I was taken on a really lovely date by Jeff. We went to a place called Trader Dukes to watch his brother Brett and his fiance Kate performin. They did such a wonderful job and got lots of people out of their seats to dance!! The food was yummy and the place was pretty nice as well. What really blew me away was the way I got treated tonight. Jeff bought me dinner, held my hand, got me drinks and was just overally such a gentleman. I was completely spoiled AND even got dessert... Yum Yum. Scones and coffee at Gloria Jeans!!!!!! We listened to Chris Tomlin and went back to Jeff's brothers house and watched a Robbie William 'Swing' DVD which was pretty good as well. What a great night! I feel so wonderful and very blessed.

I've also started making lots of lists. These are things which I need for my future house. I have lots of stuff but I've been looking around my house looking lists of things i need. These are my headings:

- Kitchen Utensils

- First Aid

- Disposable Kitchen things

- Manchester

- Furniture

- Cleaning/Housekeeping

- Appliances

- Odds and Bobs

- Cleaning Products

- Craft

I'm sure there is more stuff I will need but for now thats what I've got. I have a whole book so I'm sure more things will come up!

Picture of the Day
I took this while I was in Harvey Bay from my bedroom balcony. Its 5am and the sun is rising

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm Very Blessed

Love is such a wonderful thing. The other day Jeff and I had quite a large 'discussion' about something. We needed to sort things out and we were both hurting over it. We talked about what was upsetting us and how to fix it. After it was all over and we were driving again the car was silent and I was quite upset that perhaps things weren't going to get better. We stopped at the IGA and Jeff left me in the car... I thought maybe he wanted to get away from me.
And this is what he returned to the car with...

I was really blown away. It wasn't the flowers that made me smile but the thought of it. He knew i was upset and he knew he had to make it up to me. Plus he knows I LOVED flowers. I realised that I am SOOO blessed. There aren't many boyfriends/husbands that would do such a lovely thing. Thanks Jeff Your the best and I Love You

Monday, January 21, 2008

10 Interesting facts about me

I actually found this on my friend Megan's myspace page and found it VERY interesting. So here it goes - 10 Interesting Facts which you don't know about me.

1. When I was younger my brother couldn't say my name so he used to call me Dicky. I don't know why! My dad also used to call me Dickytap and Dickybird. Who knows!!!

2. When I was about 3 months old I was given my first pair of very thick glasses however it wasn't any good for a little baby so they took away the glasses and I had contact lenses.

3. When I was little I LOVED the colour pink however from the age of 6 or so I started to hate the colour and really liked blue. Now I LOVE pink again.

4. When I listen to music I love to spin around on my chair really fast and day dream. Its like going to another world and is alot of fun. It annoys my mum though!

5. Whenever Jeff goes home, I stand at the front door til he gets down the driveway just because I don't want to be far away from him yet.

6. When I meet new people I never know what to say. I just can't be bothered to think of things to say to them so normally I just smile and nod if they ask me something. I must really seem unfriendly.

7. I love giving more than getting things. I mean I really enjoy getting presents but I love thinking about ways to suprise people with something special. I don't like giving unthoughtful gifts, they have to mean something.

8. I really want to buy a house/appartment/unit (whatever I can afford to pay off) in the next few years so that I can rent it out and live in it when I get married someday.

9. I'm Obsessive about my showers. I have to do everything in the right order or I almost have to have a second shower. I cannot STAND feeling dirty at all. I MUST have a shower before I can change into clothes.

10. I feel incredably guilty if I miss reading my bible or talking to God at night time. I have to catch up the next day.

Photo of the Day
This was taken in 2005 of me with Jeff's little kitty Black Knight. She's sooo cute!

Friday, January 18, 2008

A Long Days Work

At the moment I have very little to do each day as I am looking for work however when I do get busy it seems that it all falls on the same day!!! Yesterday was fun though. I had to get up at 7am and we headed over to the Buchanan house to pack ALL of Rachel's things into the cars and go to their lovely new house.
We did really well. Rachel, Aaron, Mr & Buchanan, Andy, Bec, Mr West, Mum, Dad, Chris, myself and Jordan moved EVERYTHING into their new house and even put most things in their place. Rach did a brilliant job of setting everything in its place and the house looks wonderful. I think they are both very very happy.

Than when night time hit myself and Jeff headed off to Brett and Kate's engagement party which was good too. I didn't really know anyone other than the family but I met HEAPS and HEAPS of new people and did ALOT of walking around haha! I shouldn't have worn high heels though as my feet were so sore by the end of the night. The party finished at midnight than Jeff had to take lots of drunk people to the after party (i'm glad that I don't drink.) I think that they all had a lovely night and its such a special time for anyone getting married :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Busy Busy

Today was a very busy day. I helped Rachel move some of her things into her new house - Katie and Alex's old house. Its so exciting and its a very nice little house. I had lunch with Rach and Jordan and helped put things in their places. Rachel and I went shopping, had coffee and my darling Jeff even tagged along and carried the heavy things. Dinner was a rush but we had some than off to music practice we went. Met back up with Jeff at 10pm and sat around while he tried to fix ANOTHER problem with his car! (if you know anyone who wants a skyline let me know!!!)
Jeff has gone home now and this is me...
Picture of the day

Well its off to bed for Carmy now as I'm helping Mr and Mrs West (Aaron and Rachel) move lots more things into their house tomorrow as well AND I have Jeffrey's brothers engagement party at night time. Goodnight :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Picture of the Day

Today I mastered the art of making fresh pasta! Thank you Talia for the GREAT idea and for all your recipe, its fantastic! I made it for dinner with a yummy tomato sauce and garlic bread. It was a hit woohoo! If you have ever thought of giving it a try DO IT! Its easy, fast and tastes so much better. Not to mention the fact that its probably better for you.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Picture of the day

I went to the beach with Rachel, Aaron, Luca and Jordan tonight and took a picture of the water as it got darker. Its a little burry but its today Picture of the day!
We're very blessed to live in such a beautiful place on this earth.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

God Time

Are you someone who spends lots of time with God? Do you put aside some time each day to let the creator of the universe speak to your heart and minister to your soul? Do you think its important to do this? I think its very important!

When I first became a christian I had a bible and now and again i'd have a look through it however I never put aside for God and I very rarely spent alot of time in prayer. As I grew in Christ, went to church and shared with my friends I found out that time with God was SO incredibly important. How can God possibly use you if you wont let him speak to you or you wont listen? So I started to up time aside each day. Its not always easy to set aside everything else in your life and just sit with God and 'have a chat' or read your bible but you will certainly reap a wonderful blessing if you do.

I just wanted to share a few different ways which I've spend my quiet time with God over the past few years. I like to have a change each year... it keeps me on my toes and stops me from getting into a routine of laziness!

2005 - Read a little of my bible now again but not very full on ... started a prayer journal which I write in when I feel the need

2006 - Set the goal to read my bible in a year, which I did. A little reading each night got me there.

2007 - I read a daily devotional book of 1 minute devotions each day plus I read my bible where God would guide me

2008 - I write down a prayer for a different person and spend good quality time in prayer with God each day. For each week I have a scripture to learn and memorise and at the end of the week I write down one thing which I have learnt during the week. I also continue to read my bible where God takes me.

Maybe you have a different way of spending time with God and I would love you to share what it is as well :) And Praise the Lord that we have the freedom to do all of this!

6 Months

Its really important that I put this on my blog as its a very special day for me!

6 Months ago Jeffrey and I started going out and we've made it this far with much love!!!!

Love is an awsome thing and I have to say I"m SO incredably grateful for Jeff and for the fact that he is moving back here in 3 days YAY!!!!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Carmy The Teacher!

Over the past few weeks (I know it shouldn't have taken me that long but I'm pretty lazy), I have been putting together a box of Relief Teaching resources which will cover Prep - Year 7. For those of you who have on idea about the life of a relief teacher you will laugh as it totally doesn't suit my sleeping patterns!!!!!
Relief teachers are called at about 6am if they are needed and give the school and grade (if there lucky) of the class they will be teaching for the day. Now can you imagine me at 6am trying to answer the phone let alone organising school work for a whole day, having a shower, getting dressed, having breakfast and making lunch for that day? No I didn't think so! So i have designed a box full of different things for the day. Let me take you on a tour of this box because I think its great!!!!

This is my box of goodies... doesn't look too exciting other than Pooh Bear on the front!

This is the main folder! It contains literacy, maths and general activities for students during the day. It is broken up into Prep-2, Yr 3-5 and Yr 6-7. It has activities sheets and also instrustions for games such as Around the World.

I found it really difficult to add some of the activities to the folder as they overlapped year levels so I have a few extra folders which I felt would be useful to me during the day to all year levels. On the left is the HPE folder which has lots of different games, the middle folder has different challanges which you can give students as a whole class or in small groups and the folder on the right has lots of different problem solving questions which again can be done as a class or small groups.

This is the best part!!!!!!!

To help with behaviour in the classroom while I am there I have two different systems in place. This one is ONLY for the older students - Year 3/4 and up. On the right is a container of tickets and when students are good or finish work on time they can be given a ticket to write their name on. They put it in the red box and during the day this process will be repeated with those that deserve the reward. 5 minutes before home time I will draw out 4 tickets (maybe more if they have been good) and those students can pick a prize from my 'Prize Box' on the left!!!

Its best not to do this with younger children as they find it difficult to understand that they maybe not get a prize even though they have been good.

This is for the younger children! I have collected heaps of cool, colourful, textured, glittery and whatever else stickers for the young children to choose from! Most Prep - 2s will do anything for a sticker :)

Finally my box also has a few different games which students can gain as a 'Fast Prize' if they show fantastic behaviour during a session or activity. They could be used for lots of different things in the classroom and are just a good back up activity incase.

My box also has coloured and lead pencils (there is nothing worse than a lesson being held up causd a child doesnt have a pencil and you don't know where the spare ones are kept) and I have some spare white and coloured paper!

As a side note I just wanted to put up all the hard work i have been doing. I have organised my teaching resources very nicely and am very happy with it! Check it out! The coloured boxs have different craft items in them! I have some work to do on the other half of the room though :P

Into the Kitchen

Lately I've been practicing my cooking skills and have discovered that I can actually cook heaps of different things. How clever of me! So far I have masted:

Coconut ice
Chocolate Fudge
Baked/Seasoned Veggies
Sponge Cake
Salad dressings
Pasta Sauces
Chocolate Mousse
I can cook lots of other things but these are all things i've tried in the last few months and have been very pleased about. I'm sure this isn't a big achievement for most but I was very happy!

Photo/s of the Day
Some of my cooking so far!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Here's to the first Blog!

I've been inspired to start a blog! I've wanted to for ages but two people have really helped me to make the decision
Talia - Her blog is brilliant and always very interesting
Phil - He gave me this site to start writing my blogs on.

So lets see how it goes! I don't know that I will be a daily updater however I would like to try and start a bit of a 'photo of the day' section on here!

So hopefully anyone reading my blogs will find them interesting and informative!!!!